Croco Bentley 3035 Mens – d'brown 22-20 Clasp of gold-plated stainless steel

Croco Bentley 3035 Mens

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Matt croc leather watchstrap soft crowned, discrete stitching and with AERO lining, supported by loop anchor.   KROKO BENTLEY NOBLEHOUSE Extremely soft croc leather watch strap of the Di-Modell NOBLEHOUSE Manufaktur collection. By using particular materials and competent handcraft this croc watch strap is imparted its special flair and its softness is hardly surpassable. This is why this croc leather watchstrap is optimally suited for sportive elegant ladies’ and men’s watches, also for chronographs which become even more valuable by this croc leather watchstrap. This exceptionally soft leather watch strap is exclusively available in the stylish colours black, medium brown, red-brown, dark brown, dark blue & golden. The special AERO lining with its special construction guarantees that the watchstrap has a comparably longer life. And the loop anchor of the KROKO BENTLEY NOBLEHOUSE is a unique design.