Crocodile classic 1615 Mens – d'brown 20-18 Clasp of gold-plated stainless steel

Crocodile classic 1615 Mens

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High-gloss croc leather in classical colours, particularly flat, without stitching, with special AERO lining, supported by loop anchor.   KROKODIL KLASSIK NOBLEHOUSE High-gloss croc leather watch strap of the Di-Modell NOBLEHOUSE Manufaktur collection. The utilisation of particular materials and competent handcraft impart a special look to this croc watch strap. By its particular construction and without stitching this classy leather watch strap is very slim and thus offers many watches an attractive accessoire. This is another reason for this croc watch strap being highly suitable for classy ladies’ and men’s watches, elegant chronographs also become more valuable with this watch strap. This exceptional leather watch strap is only available in the classical colours black, dark brown, dark blue & golden. The particular AERO lining with its special construction guarantees that the watchstrap has a comparably longer life. And the loop anchor of the KROKO KLASSIK NOBLEHOUSE is a unique design.