Jumbo K.N. 3000 Mens – d'brown 26-20 Clasp of gold-plated stainless steel

Jumbo K.N. 3000 Mens

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Very soft calfskin watchstrap, trimmed edgewatchstrap with stitched loops, waterproof 100m.   JUMBO AIR-TER-MER This watch strap of extremely high quality of the AIR-TER-MER Sport collection made of very soft calfskin highlights sportive men’s chronographs. The high quality and hard-wearing leather watch strap is a ‘must have’ for your wrist watch during sports and in free time – particularly for men’s watches, but also for ladies’ sports watches or chronographs: this watch strap of very soft calfskin never forsakes you and your high-quality sports watch! The watch strap of extra soft and extremely demanding calfskin nestles comfortably around the wrist. The contrast stitching imparts the sportive look and the leather being especially prepared is watertight or waterproof 100m. The leather watch strap is available in the trendy colours black, dark brown, dark blue and light brown. The carefully worked JUMBO AIR-TER-MER leather watchstrap has been developed for the widths up to 26 mm and is therefore also as made for many sports, exigent watches of extreme widths.