Teju Lizard 1625 Mens – d'brown 24-20 Clasp of gold-plated stainless steel

Teju Lizard 1625 Mens

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Authentic Teju-lizard-skin in fashionable colours, stitching in matching colour, with special AERO lining, supported by loop anchor.   TEJU EIDECHSE GENÄHT NOBLEHOUSE High-gloss Teju-lizard-skin watch strap of the Di-Modell NOBLEHOUSE Manufaktur collection. By using particular materials and competent handcraft this Teju-lizard-skin watch strap is given its special look. Thanks to the many widths available this watchstrap offers many watches an attractive accessoire. This is another reason for the Teju-lizard-skin watch strap being highly suitable for elegant ladies’ and men’s watches. This exceptional leather watch strap is not only available in the elegant colours black, dark brown & golden, but offers many possibilities with its colour range also in the field of trendy accessoires. The special AERO-lining with its special construction guarantees that the watchstrap has a comparably longer life. And the loop anchor of the TEJU EIDECHSE GENÄHT NOBLEHOUSE is a unique design.