Anfibio wapro 1640 Mens – m'brown 24-20 Clasp of gold-plated stainless steel

Anfibio wapro 1640 Mens

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Strongly crowned cowhide, special length, waterproof 100, special AERO lining, supported by loop anchor.   ANFIBIO POLO WATERPROOF AIR-TER-MER This elaborately worked cowhide watch strap of the Di-Modell AIR-TER-MER Sport collection is of extremely hard-wearing cowhide. Thus you don’t have to do without your favourite men’s watch, ladies watch or chronograph in future when doing extreme sports and water sports, you always keep an eye on time. This leather watch strap is made of high-quality leather nestles comfortably around your wrist. The leather has been especially prepared and therefore water tight or waterproof 100 m. To top it all, this leather watch strap is fitted with the specialAERO lining. The cowhide is available in the classical colours black and medium brown. The carefully worked leather watch strap is a stylish accessoire for sportive men’s watches and likewise ladies’ watches. The loop anchor of ANFIBIO POLO WATERPROOF AIR-TER-MER is a unique design.