Carbonio Sport 1360 Mens – black 22-18 Clasp of gold-plated stainless steel

Carbonio Sport 1360 Mens

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Hi-tech material in carbon look waterproof 100m. Supported by loop anchor.   CARBONIO AIR-TER-MER A hi-tech material in Carbon look imparts this special look to the leather watch strap of the AIR-TER-MER Sport collection. Contrast stitching and slight crowning make leather watch strap elegant. Particularly suited for men’s, but also feminine sports watches or chronographs. This hi-tech material is watertight or waterproof 100m and available in the trendy colour black. The elegant run of the CARBONIO AIR-TER-MER watch strap is therefore particularly suited for many stylish and sophisticated wrist watches. Supported by loop anchor.