Kensington 1890 Mens – d'brown 20-14 Clasp of gold-plated stainless steel

Kensington 1890 Mens

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Authentic croc leather, with true hand stitching fitted with a trimmed edge.   “KENSINGTON NOBLEHOUSE This high-quality croc leather watch strap of the Di-Modell NOBLEHOUSE Manufaktur collection is a speciality as this watchstrap is not only very suitable of high-value gold watches and gold clasps, but is also imparted a particular flair by the hand stitching and is thus simply perfect for elegant ladies’ and men’s watches, not least for classy chronographs. This exceptionally luxurious leather watch strap is available in the stylish colours black, dark brown & golden. The KENSINGTON NOBLEHOUSE croc watchstrap is as made for highest demands and the most sophisticated wrist watches as every watch becomes more valuable with this watchstrap”