Luxor 1305 Mens – d'brown 20-18 Clasp of gold-plated stainless steel

Luxor 1305 Mens

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Calfskin watchstrap with croc grain in fashionable colours, waterproof 100m. Supported by loop anchor.   LUXOR WATERPROOF BASIC A slightly crowned calfskin with a sportive croc grain in many fashionable colours imparts this leather watch strap of the BASIC collection its particular look. Due to its very fine matching stitching and slight crowning this leather watchstrap is particularly suited for men’s sports watches, also for ladies’ watches or chronographs. Thanks to its special treatment this calfskin watchstrap is watertight or 100m. The elegant run of the LUXOR WATERPROOF BASIC watchstraps is therefore highly suitable for the sports ambitioned wearers of wrist watches . Supported by loop anchor.