Oregon xl 1671 Mens extra long – d'brown 22-18 Clasp of gold-plated stainless steel

Oregon xl 1671 Mens extra long

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Vegetable tanned saddle leather handstitched, special AERO lining, supported by loop anchor.   OREGON hand-stitched AIR-TER-MER This high-quality leather watchstrap of the AIR-TER-MER Sport collection of vegetable-tanned saddle leather highlights classy men’s and ladies’ watches. The gently worked, hand-stitched watchstrap of soft cowhide nestles comfortably around the wrist. The hand-stitched leather watch strap of classy saddle leather is available in the in classical colours and with the special AERO-lining. The carefully worked leather watch strap is a luxurious accessoire for exclusive men’s watches and likewise stylish ladies’ watches. The loop anchor of OREGON AIR-TER-MER saddle leather watch straps for sophisticated wrist watches is a unique design.