Sharkskin FS 1212 Mens Deployment buckle – d'brown 20-18 Folding clasp of gold-plated stainless steel

Sharkskin FS 1212 Mens Deployment buckle

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Authentic shark skin with folding clasp in trendy colours, waterproof 100m.   HAIFISCH FS FALTSCHLIESSE A sporty, authentic sharkskin and a folding clasp of the Di-Modell folding clasp collection make this leather watch strap look so special. By the sportive look of the leather this leather watch strap is highly suitable for sportive men’s watches and sporty chronographs become more valuable with this watch strap. This exceptional leather watch strap is exclusively available in the trendy colours dark green, azure, dark blue, dark brown & black. The special construction of the HAIFISCH FS of the collection FALTSCHLIESSE guarantees that the leather watchstrap has a comparably longer life.